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How Seniors Can Use PLR To Make Money Online




When it comes to starting an online business, many seniors are on a budget for what tools and courses they can invest in. The discovery of private label rights (PLR) takes the pressure off of many who need an alternative to toiling away for hours on end, creating the content they need to thrive.

Niche marketing online is a very competitive business. The great news is that anyone can tap into a niche and find success if they work at it. The bad news it, success doesn’t come without a lot of effort.

So you want to take advantage of any ethical and effective shortcuts that can help you achieve your financial goals earlier and without as much hassle. Any time you can spend a small amount of money and get a lot in return, it benefits your business because it frees you up for other, more important things.

Solving the Need for Content With PLR

The vast amount of content needed online for any marketer can seem daunting. But it’s what you’ll use to compete – and also what you’ll be selling to your customers. You can’t avoid content creation.

You might be able to pick and choose which media format you want to use, but it’s best if you can utilize a variety of them to attract the attention of your audience who may have certain preferences for how they consume information.

Marketers need content for their blog posts, which get crawled by search engine bots and helps them get indexed for traffic. They also need a lead magnet to offer in exchange for someone signing up to their list.

Once on the list, you have to be able to cater to those subscribers with a newsletter or emails that go out regularly. Then there’s all of the social media content that needs to be created to help attract an audience and get them to engage.

These are all issues related to traffic and list building, but what about sales? You may want to get into the business model of info product creation. If so, that requires full eBooks or complete video courses being developed – not to mention the sales copy and thank you or download pages needed to process the sale.

It’s enough to make any niche marketer feel overwhelmed. Some people who have deep pockets choose to spend their money on private ghostwriters, who create unique content just for their use.

But what about all of the marketers (many of whom are seniors) who are on a tight budget? Private label rights (PLR) can help these individuals. Private label rights is when someone writes or creates content, but instead of selling it to just one buyer, like a ghostwriter, they sell the same content to multiple buyers.

The buyer still gets to put their name on it and use it as their own, but it’s not exclusive like ghostwritten or personally created content would be. There are simple ways to deal with the fact that it’s being sold to more than one person.

What you need to focus on is the fact that private label rights allows you to spend less on content. It also frees up your time to work on other areas of your business, such as networking.

And for those who just simply aren’t good at content creation, it takes an immense amount of pressure off of them because the content you purchase is well-researched and professionally written.

Various Types of PLR You Can Buy and Use as Your Own

When it comes to private label rights, you’re going to find dozens of sellers who specialize in different things. Some have niche specialties, such as only self help content.

Others have specialties where they only sell video content or only text-based content. There are also many PLR providers who sell a variety of things. Their stores are filled with a mix of text, graphics and video PLR on a whole host of topics – from marketing and success to survival or anti-aging.

Text-based PLR is very versatile and will come in handy for many of your content needs. Some consumers love text over video or audio because it allows them to consume the content at their own pace.

You can find and use text PLR for articles (blog posts) on your site. You can use them for lead magnets as an enticing offer to get the contact details of your site visitor. You can queue up text PLR in your email autoresponder system to drip messages out to your subscribers over time.

You can also buy short reports that you can send out online as viral PDF files that drive traffic and sales back to your site or through your links for a commission. For example, if there’s a great weight loss course you want to recommend, you can purchase a 5-page weight loss PLR report, add your domain name to it along with the links to the product you want to promote, and give it away free.

Not only that, but you can allow others to share it with their friends and family, sending it viral all over the Internet. The PDF can be protected so that others can’t use it as their own content, but most non-marketing consumers wouldn’t know how to do that anyway – they’re just grateful for the free guide!

Text PLR also comes in handy when you want to have a product for sale. If you’re leading the stress niche, for example, you can purchase a full PLR eBook called “101 Ways to Stress Less Today” and sell it to your audience in PDF format.

Usually, PLR is priced very cheap (especially during a launch). The full price is typically $1 per page, so you could get a launch deal of $0.50 per page. There are some launches that have anywhere from 30 to 300 pieces of content selling for just $17 – which means you’re paying pennies on the dollar for the right to use this as your own.

Some of these full info products that are readymade for you also come with a sales letter and thank you or download page that you can use. They may also include an email series that promotes the eBook that you can allow affiliates to use in order to promote your product.

Text PLR is also great for social networking content. Whether you’re using it on Facebook or Twitter, Instagram or elsewhere, you can share parts of the PLR packs you buy and watch as you develop a loyal following that can’t wait to engage with you online.

Images are also great private label rights components. There are many sellers who create intricate infographic designs that inform your audience at a glance. They also create blog headers that are perfect to embed in a blog post.

This way, whenever someone comes to your site and enjoys the blog so much that they share it on a social site, the image will be pulled into the feed and attract more attention than plain text would.

Slide graphics are also popular among PLR sellers and buyers. Slide presentations can be edited with tools like PowerPoint or even Canva, depending how they were made. This allows you to use them as screen shots in a blog, on social media, or even in a video presentation if you want to record your screen using the readymade graphics that have been provided for you.

Video is a great PLR component to use in your business. Many senior marketers are intimidated by the creation process of video. You don’t have to be on screen to utilize video and build a following on social sites like YouTube.

You can use the readymade video modules in PLR form that some sellers create that teach full courses for your audience. They usually have audio with them, but using a tool like CamStudio or Camtasia, you can edit that out easily.

Once the audio is removed and you’re left with the slide presentation recording, you can create your own audio if you want to using the often-provided transcripts that tell you exactly what to say.

Of course, with PLR, you get to choose how much you do or don’t edit. So if you feel more comfortable keeping the video presentation intact, you can do that! You can still sell the course, just by adding a “brought to you by” notation so that they don’t expect to hear your voice.

Best Practices for Using PLR Online

Some people feel overwhelmed about how to use private label rights, but the process is actually very easy. You can do it on your own schedule, using as much or as little of the content as you see fit.

First, make sure you put your branding on the PLR. Add your name and site to the files so that visitors and recipients know that the content is coming from you. Check to make sure that the PLR seller hasn’t included any of their personal information inside, too.

It might be in the form of a story. Sometimes, a seller won’t know the proper etiquette of selling PLR, and they’ll include wording such as, “When my wife and I go on vacation with the kids.”

You may not have a wife or kids – or it’s just not your personal story to tell. If you see anything like this, you can either delete it, alter it to reflect your personal story, or just include it as a quote or contribution from someone else.

For example, you might say, “One man said that when he and his wife take the kids on vacation…” So this way, you don’t have to remove anything that might help with the information overall, but you’re not making it look like it’s coming from you.

You always want to do a read through of the content. If you see a spot where you have a personal story of your own to add, do it! If your report is about losing weight and it mentions the keto diet, which you’ve tried, then don’t be afraid to mention your experience.

You have the ability to tweak and edit the content to reflect your style, too. Everyone has their own unique personalized style. It sets the tone for your audience. You might be funny or serious, factual or more into storytelling with examples.

The one thing you may want to alter (even somewhat, if not fully) is the product image that comes with a PLR eBook or course. You can have a new one made on Fiverr, or use a tool like Canva to create one for free, but it helps your product maintain a unique appearance.

Always make sure that you read your license before using the PLR. Private label rights do not have one set of rules. The seller gets to set them. So while one seller might have 1-2 rules, another may have a list of 15.

You don’t have to purchase these packs blindly, though. You can usually find the rules at the bottom of the sales page, so you know exactly what you can and can’t do with the content before you spend money on it.

Repurpose PLR In To Many Different Elements

One of the best things about PLR is that you don’t have to only use them as is. You can break apart a 50-page eBook and turn it into 50 blog posts. Or, you can combine 30 blog posts into a 30-page eBook if you want to!

Whatever you do, don’t waste the content. Many people spend money on PLR, but never use it. Not only do you want to use it as it’s originally indicated, but then make sure you repurpose it, too.

You can extract bits and pieces of an article and use it as a quote for social engagement. Or, quote it as if it’s coming from someone else, and use it as curated content that you then initiate a discussion about.

You can take text content and record it as a video or podcast if you want to. Or, take video and audio and turn it into text if the seller didn’t provide multiple media formats for you.

Concerns Seniors May Have About Using PLR

Even with all of the many benefits of PLR, some people will still hesitate to use it because they have some lingering worries. The first one most senior marketers show concern about it the so-called duplicate content penalty.

There’s actually no penalty for having the same content as someone else – but they will only show the exact results from about two sites. Think of it like an Associated Press article.

These get picked up and shared on thousands of sites, and they’re not suffering a penalty. If it does worry you, then simply create unique content for your blog and use the PLR in areas where SEO doesn’t matter – such as your lead magnets, info products, email autoresponders, and social posts.

Another concern you may have is whether or not the content is trustworthy. After all, you’ll be putting your name on it. There are certainly a few bad apples in the bunch – unethical vendors who don’t carefully research the content, or who scrape someone else’s blog and sell that content as PLR.

Make sure you’re only buying from reputable PLR sellers. You can ask around and find out who is worth buying from. But also, make sure you read through and agree with everything being said in the content so that you don’t contradict yourself anywhere.

You might worry about the volume of content in these packs. Some have upwards of 300 pieces in them. Take it slow. Create a “Used PLR” folder where you drag the PLR pieces into after you’ve used them on your site.

That way, you don’t accidentally publish the same blog post twice or send out an identical email more than once. Staying organized with your private label rights and just using it as needed will go a long way in keeping you from being overwhelmed with it.

Another concern for some senior marketers is the worry about the customization process. You don’t have to change a thing about it, but if you want to, simply use it as springboard content.

Maybe add an introduction and conclusion to it or sprinkle a bit of personalization into the pages. You can always do a line-by-line rewrite if you want to, as well. Rewriting a sentence is an easy process, and the hard work of research and writing has been done for you – you’re just switching up the words a bit.

Private label rights is a beneficial tool for all marketers who want to work less and earn more. When you’re a senior marketer, freeing up time to enjoy in your retirement years is important.

This may be a second or supplemental career. The last thing you want to do is spread yourself so thin that you don’t have time to do the other tasks that an online niche leader has to do.

For example, you need to think about the growth of your business. Will you expand from affiliate marketing to info product development? What about networking with others? You need time to create a strategy to bring on affiliates and engage with your audience to see how you can meet their needs.

When you start buying private label rights, you’re going to find some amazing deals where you get full bundles that have everything you need to launch an online business. They’re comprehensive packs that cater to your audience, and all you have to do is plug them into your system.

A good example of this is when you’re able to buy a complete funnel that includes items for traffic-building, like blog posts and social media pieces, something to sell, like an info product and all of its components – such as the sales letter and thank you page, and content to keep your subscribers loyal to you in an email autoresponder system.

Before you buy any PLR, take some time to find out who sells the best content – not just the cheapest packs. You’ll see many $0.01 bundles, but they’re filled with 1,000 pages of content that doesn’t make sense and will serve as a waste of your time.

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