The New Marketer's Workshop - Volume 7

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The New Marketer's Workshop - Volume 7

This lesson shows how to use a go high level sub-account to deliver bonus content. It focuses on creating a video course or embedding text content like a flip book into your course platform. The process involves uploading videos or text, embedding the content, and creating a link for customers to access the bonus. The details for creating the customer access link are to be covered in the next video.

This lesson provides a comprehensive guide on strategies for placing and distributing bonuses effectively. This might include tactics on where to position bonus content for maximum visibility and engagement, methods to integrate bonuses seamlessly into existing offerings or platforms, and tips on targeting specific audience segments. The overview also touches on the importance of aligning bonuses with audience interests and business objectives to enhance overall value and customer satisfaction.

This lesson provides a step-by-step guide on creating a free offer in a Go High Level sub-account to deliver a bonus product. It covers the process of selecting a product for the bonus, setting it as a free offer without payment overrides, and generating a unique link for customer access. This link is then to be placed in the buyer bonus section. The document emphasizes the ease of the process, ensuring that when customers click the link, they can enter their details to gain access to the bonus product, which also registers them as customers on the platform.

This lesson explains how to place affiliate bonuses on platforms like JVZoo and ThriveCart. It guides through the process of adding bonuses in the affiliate area of JVZoo, including naming the bonus and inserting a URL. For ThriveCart, it details the requirement for vendors to enable a setting for automated bonus delivery and the steps to add a bonus link and support link. This ensures that customers gain access to the bonus product upon purchase through the affiliate link.

In this lesson, "Deliver with Systeme - Part 1," the focus is on using to deliver bonuses within a course area. The lesson guides through creating a specific page in the funnels area, adding an order form, and selecting a product to deliver, which in this case is a course. It explains how to set up full access to the course, including options for granting access on a specific date or for a limited duration. Additionally, the lesson covers creating a pricing plan and a coupon for the bonus, emphasizing the importance of giving the bonus a value and setting up a one-time payment for it.

In this lesson, "Deliver with Systeme - Part 2," the focus is on completing the setup of a bonus delivery system using It includes creating a 100% discount code for the bonus, managing access limitations, and finalizing the delivery page. Key steps include editing the order form to include essential elements like pricing, payment method, and discount code. The lesson emphasizes the importance of providing a seamless experience for customers, who will use the coupon code on the delivery page to access the course without charge. The overall goal is to ensure efficient and effective bonus delivery.

In this lesson, "Go High-Level Redirect," the focus is on setting up a branded URL redirect in a Go High Level sub-account for affiliate marketing purposes. It guides through the process of taking a non-branded affiliate link and creating a redirect inside the Go High Level dashboard to transform it into a branded URL. This involves accessing the URL Redirects section, adding a new redirect, selecting a domain name, and specifying the path and target URL. The lesson aims to enhance affiliate promotions by using branded links for a more professional appearance.

In this lesson, "Creating a Bonus Page," you will learn how to use an older version of Optimized Press to create an effective bonus page for product promotion. The lesson covers essential elements like crafting a compelling headline, integrating an autoplay video to discuss the bonus, and including an image representative of the customer’s benefit. It also highlights the importance of having clickable links on both the image and a 'Continue' buy button, directing customers to the affiliate page. The focus is on the minimal requirements needed to make the bonus landing page engaging and effective for sales promotion.

In this lesson, "ChatGPT Plus," you will learn about the benefits of using the paid subscription of ChatGPT, including access to image creation through Dall-E and enhanced chatbot capabilities with browsing and analysis features. The lesson highlights the availability of the Plugin store, which offers various extensions for creating content using text, audio, and video. Additionally, the lesson discusses the ability to create custom GPT models with ChatGPT Plus, which can serve as a unique bonus for projects. The flexibility of subscribing and unsubscribing based on project needs is also emphasized.

In this lesson, "AI to Clean Up Transcripts," you'll discover how to use the ChatGPT Plus subscription to enhance transcript accuracy. The lesson demonstrates how to upload a text document, specifically an inexact video transcript, into ChatGPT and request the AI to clean it up for precision. It guides you through giving basic instructions to ChatGPT for transcript refinement and also advises on how to formulate effective prompts for this task. The cleaned-up transcript can then be utilized in your preferred word processing software, showcasing the practical utility of AI in streamlining content creation.

In this lesson, "AI Audio Bonus," you'll learn about using 11 Labs, an AI audio creation engine. The lesson covers how to convert text into audio using text-to-speech functionality in 11 Labs, including selecting voice settings and speech models. It also details the process of pasting text into the platform, managing your usage quota, and generating the audio file. The lesson emphasizes the practicality of this tool in creating high-quality audio content for various projects.

In this lesson, "AI Text Derivatives," you will learn how to use AI chatbots to create text derivatives from existing documents. The lesson demonstrates how to upload a document to the chatbot and create a new form of content, like a checklist, from it. It guides on how to formulate effective prompts for the chatbot to generate the desired text derivative. This process includes asking the AI for the best way to craft these prompts, using the response to transform the original document, and then producing a derivative like a sequential checklist.

In this lesson, "AI Visual Bonuses," you will explore how to transform texts into visuals using plugins available in the ChatGPT plugin store. The focus is on using a specific plugin, such as AI diagrams, to create diagrams and charts from text. The process involves searching for suitable plugins, installing them, and using ChatGPT to interact with the plugin by crafting effective prompts. This enables you to turn any text into a helpful visual diagram, enhancing the way information is presented to customers.

In this lesson, "AI Video Bonuses," you will learn about using AI video creation sites like Pry and Invideo. The focus is on turning text and audio files into engaging videos. It guides you through the process of creating a video on these platforms, including storyboarding information, matching scenes with AI-generated visuals, adding audio or voiceovers, and finalizing the video. The lesson demonstrates how these tools can be leveraged to enhance content creation, especially for users who may not have advanced video editing skills.

In this lesson, "Systeme Automated Webinar," you'll learn to set up an automated webinar using The process involves creating an 'Evergreen webinar' funnel, selecting templates for the webinar registration, thank you, and broadcast pages, and configuring each page. The lesson emphasizes the importance of having a video ready for the webinar, either uploaded or linked (e.g., from YouTube). It also covers how to direct customers to the webinar registration page and ensure they receive the webinar room link on the thank you page. The goal is to effectively use for delivering automated webinar content.

In this lesson, "Create a Custom GPT Bonus," you'll learn to use a ChatGPT Plus account to create a customized GPT model. The lesson guides you through the process of using the GPT builder in ChatGPT Plus, from selecting and configuring the type of GPT model to naming and saving your creation. You will also learn how to publish the model with link access, ensuring only specific individuals can use it. This custom GPT can then be placed in a bonus area for customer interaction, offering a unique and personalized experience.

In this lesson, "AI Summary Bonus," you will learn to use ChatGPT Plus for summarizing large amounts or complex information. The process involves uploading documents to ChatGPT and asking it to generate a summary. The lesson also emphasizes the importance of asking for proper citation and credit for the authors in the summaries. You'll learn best practices for structuring prompts to ChatGPT to curate and summarize content effectively, providing valuable insights and usable information for your customers or business needs.

In this lesson, "AI Translation Bonus," you'll learn how to use AI, specifically ChatGPT, to translate text into different languages. The lesson demonstrates how to input a summary or any text and request its translation into a selected language. It also covers how to ask the chatbot to write in a specific tone in the translated language. This is presented as a valuable service to offer customers, particularly for translating content into their native languages as a bonus for specific products or promotions.

In this lesson, "Create a Mind Map Bonus," you will learn to create mind maps from digital information using plugins available in the ChatGPT Plus plugin store. The lesson guides you through searching for mind map applications, specifically using AI diagrams to construct a mind map from provided information. You'll discover how to interact with ChatGPT to structure the information appropriately for the plugin and generate a visual mind map. The lesson emphasizes the ease of downloading and utilizing the mind map for various purposes.

In this lesson, "Reformat to PowerPoint," you will learn how to use ChatGPT and its plugins to convert data into PowerPoint slide format. The lesson focuses on a plugin called Smart Slides, which facilitates the transformation of content into slides. It covers the process of selecting the right prompt for ChatGPT to turn the information into a PowerPoint presentation, giving final approvals, and downloading the formatted slides. This lesson is particularly useful for delivering bonuses or presentations in a more engaging and visually appealing slide format.


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